Unleash Your YOU Subscription

by The Elements Wellness Team

$47.00 / month




Join us on a journey to overcome obstacles blocking you from inner peace. Receive guidance and support from our team of licensed professional counselors with a combined 50 years of experience.
Subscribe to our weekly Zoom call now and unleash your full potential.  Calls are held every Friday at 11am Central.

Overcome Obstacles to Inner Peace

  • Perseverance

We can help you develop the resilience and motivation you need to overcome any obstacle and achieve your inner peace and happiness.

  • Mindfulness

Through mindfulness practices and training you can learn to overcome stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and thoughts, and find peace, calm, and focus in your life.

  • Coaching

Through weekly coaching sessions with our team, you can receive guidance, support, and motivation to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of your happiness and inner peace.

Heal from Trauma

  • Compassion

We provides a caring, compassionate, and safe environment to help you process and heal from any past traumas and experiences that still impact your life today.

  • Empathy

With empathy and understanding, our team can help you overcome any negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that stem from your past trauma and move towards a life of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • Tools and Resources

We provides a wide range of tools and resources, from evidence-based therapies to mindfulness-based practices, to help you heal from past traumas and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Live a Healthy and Abundant Life

  • Mind-Body Connection

Our team believes in the powerful connection between our mind and body. By working on both the mental and physical aspects of your life, you can achieve overall health and wellbeing.

  • Self-Care

Self-care is essential for our health and wellbeing. We can help you develop a personalized self-care plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

  • Abundance Mindset

With an abundance mindset, you can attract positivity, success, and happiness into your life. We can help you develop this mindset and overcome any limiting beliefs that hold you back.


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