Couples Counseling

Most couples encounter difficulties in their marriage. Statistics show that 50% of all first marriages end in divorce.  The divorce rate increases with second marriages.  Divorce may not be the answer both financially and emotionally.  Many couples who attend counseling for at least 6 months discover that they can not only reconcile their differences but also experience fulfillment, joy and spontaneity again all while saving money!

We provide a different method of marriage counseling.  We refer to it as traditional marriage counseling with a twist.  We meet for one hour initially altogether.  Next, we will meet with each of you individually.  This allows us to get a clear picture of the current state of your marriage.  After these 3 sessions, we will develop a plan of attack to heal your relationship.  Traditional marriage counseling can be frustrating for couples because it can take at least a few sessions to really see progress. We don’t waste a lot of time.  We try to hit the ground running and start building in tools to help your marriage see relief quickly.

Once we have built in the tools we will work on a tailor made approach specifically for your marriage to help you both not just work through the specific fights but to see the dynamics of your fight below the surface.  We want to help you build tools in your marriage that will help you in any circumstance so you can get back to living a joy filled marriage.

Our clients have experienced tremendous success from this twist on the traditional.

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