We help your children with:

Behavioral Problems
Attachment Issues
Adoption issues
Grief and Loss

Why Play Therapy?

Toys are a medium through which the child communicates, learns, self-discovers, shares experiences, and forms a trusting therapeutic relationship. Play helps to serve as a bridge to therapy. Children utilize play to process and work thought overwhelming feelings and emotions that be confusing, problematic or that have caused trauma. Through the play therapy process, children acquire effective communication skills and become more responsible for their own behavior.
Play Therapy Process
Alongside working with children, parents and caregivers are an integral part of the therapy process. We recommend working with the family system as part of the treatment process. Parent sessions and family sessions occur every few weeks to update regarding progress, discuss any recommendations, and to keep the lines of communication open. Building connection and strengthening the attachment between parent and child through play and other modes of therapy are also part of the process. We believe working collaboratively with client and families is key to the success of treatment.

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