College and Career Counseling

The current graduation rate in the state of Texas for a 4-year degree is 25% after 4 years. Only 56% of students graduate after 6 years! Why? The answer is simple; students are not prepared for the rigor of academics or the abundance of life choices that are hurled their way once they set foot on their campuses.

I have worked as a high school counselor helping to get students in to the college of their choice but little attention is paid on how to keep them there. Additionally, there is also little attention paid on how to keep them successful. Many students don’t know how to maintain a good work/life balance. Still more don’t even know what they will major in and what career path they should be on.

I solve all of these problems! I take a 3-step approach to coaching students through these issues.

  1. I use the Birkman© assessment to help identify their individual career path using the Career Management Plus report. This tool allows the student to clearly see what career path best suits their personality and interests.
  2. I lay out a plan that takes the guesswork out of the next 4 years of their life. In this plan, I incorporate their specific degree plan and focus on the timing of specific milestones they should meet. The goal is not only to guide them but also to get them out of college in 4 years with a career.
  3. I work on developing a plan on how to study, take notes, schedule effectively and find balance in their schedule so that they can not only work hard but also find enjoyment and fulfillment in their college career.

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