I am always looking for ways to teach my kids to become more independent and build their self-confidence. My nine-year-old daughter has been wanting to learn how to cook. Since I don’t think lobster bisque is quite a beginner’s meal, I needed to find something a little easier. So, I chose pancakes. After all, who doesn’t like pancakes.

After we gathered all the ingredients, we started to mix them together. She asked me how did I know when it was mixed properly, so I told her it was about the consistency of the batter. If the batter is too runny, then you end up with flat pancakes that look more like thin crust pizza. If the batter is too thick, then you get dense pancakes that don’t cook all the way through, which is not very tasty. I told her you want the batter to be kind of like melted peanut butter; thin enough to pour, but still thick enough to stick together once it hits the griddle.

This got me to thinking about my consistency in parenting her and her sister. I try to do the best I can, but I know I have room to improve. Kids need consistency in their lives to thrive. Whether it is having nighttime routines to follow or even more important consistent loving caregivers in their lives, kids do better physically, emotionally, and intellectually when they have consistency. Consistency provides stability and security for a child. This allows them the freedom to explore their world and their identities without having to worry about their own physical and emotional safety. Consistency also lets children know their limits and what is expected of them.  Children who have consistency at home are often less anxious, stressed or depressed.

While it is possible to have negative consistency, such as abuse, what we are talking about here is positive consistency. If you would like help in ways to be more consistent with your children, please schedule an appointment with one of our therapists who will be glad to help.

By the way, the pancakes turned out great and were super delicious!

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