Importance of Family Time

(Free, Fun, Family activities!)

Why is family time so important?

Good communication within a family encourages feelings of self-worth and helps kiddos maintain good relationships with others. Children who spend time with their parents and are loved have confidence in their abilities. Family time is important because it allows family members to feel loved and secure. It also helps kids and parents to gain trust with one another. Making time for family members, communicating effectively, and supporting each other are important ways to strengthen families and build positive relationships. Working together as a family is also helpful in building strong and caring family relationships. Below are some ways to spend time with your family!

Spending time with family has a lot of benefits:

Builds self-esteem/confidence

Creates bonds

Nurtures positive behaviors and interactions

Creates memories

Healthy lifestyle

Relieves stress

25 Free Fun Activities to do with Family:

  1. Build a fort/go camping in living room or backyard
  2. Family game night
  3. Create a family bucket list
  4. Play balloon volleyball
  5. Family story time
  6. Donate/Sell things don’t need
  7. Family yoga
  8. Nature scavenger hunt
  9. Take a hike/go for a walk
  10. Go for a bike ride
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Try geocaching
  13. Homemade pizza and movie
  14. Cook a meal together
  15. Bake cookies
  16. Try a new recipe
  17. Hold a lip sync concert
  18. Create an obstacle course (inside or outside)
  19. DIY from Pinterest
  20. Paper airplane competition
  21. Visit local library
  22. Visit free museums
  23. Lowes/Home Depot free classes
  24. Conduct a science experiment
  25. Learn a magic trick



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