Do you remember the last time you sat completely still for over 5 minutes? The last time you gave yourself some quiet time?
In today’s highly active and fast-paced society, individuals rarely ever get the time to be in complete stillness. Work, school, family, hobbies, sports, etc keep our bodies and minds so busy that we never actually consider to be still even for a few minutes. The thought of being still or having some quiet time for ourselves never crosses our mind because we are already thinking of what we have to do next. Society encourages us to care for our bodies through healthy eating and regular exercise, but it does not fully encourage us to take care of our mental health. One way you can take care of yourself is by spending at least 10 minutes of quiet alone time.
There are so many benefits of dedicating at least 10 minutes every day to peaceful quiet time. A time of absolute silence to reflect, mediate, pray, recharge, or simply let our bodies rest. The only time that our minds rest is when we are asleep, yet we tend to wake up with similar feelings as when we went to bed.
Providing our minds with more rest and awareness of our needs and feelings can make a great difference in the way you feel about yourself and how you can tend to your needs. If we give ourselves some quiet time, we will be able to have more energy to tackle the next task. Our moods might improve as we do not feel as depleted and we are able to have more head space than before. This would allow us to be less overwhelmed.
This practice can take place in any setting. It can be 10 minutes before or after arriving to work, picking up the kids or before going to bed. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your body relaxed.
At first this moment of quiet might feel uncomfortable and you might not know what to do. Just sit with this unknown feeling. You might feel the urge to fill the silence with music or tell yourself you are going to practice this exercise much later due to it feeling strange. This feeling will go away the more you dedicate time for it. Once you become comfortable in the silence simply let your mind take you were you need to go. The more you practice this, you will become aware of the stress that you hold in your body as you shift it to a relaxed position.
This exercise creates mindfulness of the needs of the mind and body while attending to our mental health. It is a means of self-care, a means to take care of our bodies, mind and spirit. A gift to ourselves. Such a simple act and such great benefits!
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