My father worked in construction all his adult life. He did just about everything from remodeling old homes to building new ones from the ground up. When I was young, he would take me with him to job sites during my summer break from school. I guess this is where I get my fascination with how things are built. One thing he taught me was that the most important part of building any home was making sure that they laid the foundation just right. He said that if the foundation was off, then the whole house would have issues. Doors wouldn’t close properly, and walls would develop cracks in the sheetrock. That is why the laying of the foundation is the longest part of any construction project.

All relationships have foundations too. Like homes, they must be built properly so that the relationship can avoid issues later. The foundation of relationships is trust. This is the most important part of any relationship because without it, it is impossible to build a solid relationship house. Many couples get into relationships without establishing a foundation of trust. Trust is something that must both be earned and given. This is only accomplished over time and through consistency of behavior.

Just as with a home, our relationship foundation needs constant maintenance and monitoring for cracks. This requires open and honest communication with your partner on a regular basis.

Now, even with a good foundation, sometimes it can be affected by outside influences and develop cracks. You can just keep patching the walls or, you can look for the root cause of the cracks. This is where good foundation repair comes in. We are all human and capable of making mistakes that create cracks in the foundation of trust. However, with proper and intentional repair, when can rebuild that foundation and make it even stronger than before.

If you need a little help with building or repairing the foundation in your relationship, you can schedule an appointment with one of our therapists right here on our website.  Here at Changing Tides, we specialize in helping couples build that firm foundation so that you can have a lasting relationship filled with trust, joy and understanding!

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