Over the years while working in the mental health field, i’ve noticed that the idea of therapy for many people is beyond scary, even taboo if you will. At the onset of therapy sessions, many of my ‘newbies’, (as I so loving call my first time therapy participants), feel as if they’ve failed because they are in my office; Or they feel ashamed or defeated, because they couldn’t “figure it out.” This is all too common, and my first response is “why?” Think about it like this, if you were in school and you were stuck on a problem or assignment for days, even weeks, and just couldn’t figure it out…wouldn’t you reach out for help? What about if you were sick, and just couldn’t get over it, wouldn’t you at some point go to a doctor? ABSOLUTELY!! Our mental health gets neglected a lot of times, and  I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, and it’s time to treat it as so. Reaching out for help doesn’t make one a failure, it makes one human. 

“Soooo I think I need help…but i’m not really sure.” Well consider this: Have you unsuccessfully tried to cope alone or with the help of family or friends? Have you noticed a change in your sleep, appetite, energy, or concentration? Maybe you’re feeling more down and depressed, anxious, irritable, or just generally unhappy. Maybe you’ve noticed an overall change in your ability to function. Well…it’s time my friend. Knowing when to get help is half the battle! Now let’s take the next step and seek help! Many struggle with not only knowing when to get help, but also with how to seek out the proper therapist for them. It’s simple…consider what you need help with, consider who you think you’d feel comfortable talking with, research therapists in your area and their specialties, ask for referrals, use your resources such as your employer EAP, insurance, etc. HELP IS OUT THERE…You no longer have to suffer in silence. 

Know this…it takes crazy strength and courage to say “I need help.” It’s ok to not be ok…as long as you’re willing to do something about it. Are you ready to get the help you need and take your control back over your life? Don’t allow fear to stop you from getting help and being the best you. It’s time to kick fear out and start living your best life!

Written by: Traci Turner, M.A., LPC

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